Project Consultant

Caleb has a big heart. So much so, that when his senior year outreach project came to an end he was disappointed. “I was really sad that we had to leave, I wanted to do more,” he explains.

His heart for helping others is what brought him to Integrity. It was during Caleb’s freshmen year that he heard owner, David Todd, speak at his school. “David talked about what they did in the community, that it was about more than just being a company, that it was about giving back to the communities you serve.” This resonated with Caleb because, “I always wanted to have a career talking to people and being a part of something bigger than myself, I want to positively impact my community.”

Now that Caleb is working here as our Project Consultant, he explains, “It’s not really so much as a roofing company, as it is a family that’s trying to accomplish the same goal, and while they are doing that they are also helping the people of the community that they’re part of.”

During his downtime, he enjoys playing football and taking care of his family’s land, “I like knowing I can make it better for all the critters that run around in the woods!

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