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Integrity Roofing, Siding & Windows is the company to turn to for storm damage roof restoration services in the greater Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, and Warrensburg, Missouri, areas. If your roof was recently damaged during a storm, you can rely on our professionals for the roof restoration services you need to ensure you have a safe and reliable roof over your head once more.

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At Integrity Roofing, Siding & Windows, we understand that storm damage roof restoration can be a stressful situation to deal with. Fortunately, our roofing professionals are highly experienced in the process and are here to help you through it. We can answer your questions and help ensure your storm damage roof restoration project is as smooth and seamless as possible.

What are the common types of storm damage that roofs can sustain?

Storms can cause a variety of damage to your roof. High winds can rip shingles off your roof or cause a tree branch to fall on the roof. Additionally, impacts from hailstorms can damage your roof or the underlayment. The result of any inclement weather can result in missing or torn shingles, debris on your roof, or damaged flashing.

How can I assess the extent of storm damage to my roof?

A visual assessment is a good first step to determine the extent of the storm damage. You’ll want to walk around your home and take note of any debris on your roof or around the rest of your property. You may notice roofing shingles on your lawn or shingles on the roof that are askew. However, there are other forms of storm damage to the roof that may not be as obvious from a visual inspection. It can be helpful to turn to a professional roofing company to inspect your roof and determine the extent of any damage.

What are the immediate steps I should take if my roof has been damaged in a storm?

If your roof has been damaged during a storm, it’s important to act quickly. You’ll want to call your local roofing company to assess and mitigate the damage. You may also need to contact your insurance company to file a claim, if applicable.

Can storm damage to a roof lead to other issues in my home?

Storm damage to a roof can certainly lead to additional issues in your home. Any damage that’s left unattended may worsen over time, leading to roof leaks and more extensive water damage inside your home. If this continues to be left unaddressed, you may experience mold and mildew issues inside your home as well.

What does the process of roof restoration after storm damage entail?

The roof restoration process will entail assessing the damage, documenting the damage for submission to the insurance company if applicable, and roof repair or replacement services to restore the roof to its pre-storm condition. Throughout the process, you may need to work with your insurance company to submit a claim and receive compensation for the roof restoration services.

How can I ensure that my insurance adequately covers the costs of roof restoration after storm damage?

It’s important to work with a professional roofing company that has experience performing storm damage roof restoration services. Your roofing company will be more familiar with the process and can help you understand the steps you need to take to ensure you receive fair compensation for your claim.

How long does it typically take to restore a roof damaged by a storm?

The roof restoration itself can typically be completed in a day or two, depending on the extent of the damage and how complex the roof repairs may be. Your roofing company can give you a better idea of what to expect and how long the process will take.

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If you’re concerned that your roof may have been damaged during a recent storm, there’s no time to waste. Contact Integrity Roofing, Siding & Windows today to get started with our storm damage roof restoration services. We proudly serve homeowners throughout the greater Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, and Warrensburg, MO, areas. 


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Older house so had two layers of shingles removed and some extra work done for the new roof. Workers were cheerful and professional and got the job done in one day. They were careful to pick up nails and clean up. Roof and gutter look great!

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What a fantastic company and group of people. They installed a roof on our church and did an amazing job. They worked their tails off to provide timely and exceptional service, even with a major hiccup in regard to OSB board (hiccup was not due to them). You will not be disappointed in their work ethic and service.

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Integrity replaced the siding on my home. I was referred to this company by a friend. I'm glad I took their advice because I had a great experience! Everyone I worked with was knowledgeable, trustworthy, professional, and efficient. They did an excellent job keeping me informed through the entire process. The crew that came to my residence was hard working, precise, respectful and they finished early! Afterward, they cleaned up their workspace. My house looks beautiful! I recommend this company and will be contacting them again in the future for any additional work that I need done to my house.

Elaine B.

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