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Let us make sure you get the best roof, siding, and/or gutter replacement for your claim!

Call us BEFORE calling your insurance company to protect you from filing a claim that could count against you if your roof doesn’t have enough damage to qualify for a claim.

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  • Better Products = Longer Lasting Roof
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Because your insurance company sets the price of the work to be done, it is no longer about price, it’s about trust.

Better Products = Longer Lasting Roof

We know insurance claims can be stressful and confusing, especially if this is your
first claim. Let us walk you through the steps, discuss our findings with your insurance company and most importantly make sure you get the best roof, siding, and/or gutter replacement for your claim!

  • We provide you with the Best Products possible for your claim.
    (better products = longer lasting roof)
  • Premium Lifetime Roofs
  • Maximize your potential claim
    (we advocate for you to get the most out of your claim)

Already have a Claim?

One customer’s Insurance Adjuster had already inspected his home for hail damage and had approved his claim for a partial roof replacement. He called us to install his new roof.

Our project manager, Eric, did a further inspection and found significant damage to their siding as well. The Adjuster was called back out to the home and our customer received a full siding replacement too!

Insurance Scopes

Just recently, this same staff member (Eric), who got the siding included in the claim above, got a different customer an additional $1,650 on their claim, simply by double checking their scope.

Let us double check your scope to make sure nothing was missed!

When do I call my Insurance Company?

If you believe your roof has storm damage you will want to have a reputable roofing company inspect your roof before you call your insurance company.

Depending on your policy it could count against you if your roof has no damage or if the cost to repair the damage is less than your deductible.

If the total amount of the claim is at least twice the amount of the deductible, it is time to call your insurance company.

We would be happy to inspect your roof for storm damage. We can even meet your claims adjuster to go over our findings with them. Often it is a good idea to have a second set of eyes pointing out damage during a claim – just to make sure nothing is missed!

Do I have Hail Damage?

A composition roof can typically withstand pebble and marble sized hail.

Hail that is half dollar size or larger can damage cars, roofing, gutters – even siding and windows.

If your area was hit with hail that was half-dollar size or larger, you will need a qualified roofer to inspect your home’s exterior to determine the extent of the damage.

Will my Roof Leak?

Occasionally, hail damage can cause a roof to leak immediately. When this happens a tarp is used to cover the damage until the roof can be replaced.

However, even if the hail damage doesn’t cause immediate leaks, it can lead to leaks in the future. After a hail storm, you may notice your roof appears to have dark spots on it. The dark spots are caused when the hail hits your roof hard enough to remove the granules that protected your asphalt shingles. Once the asphalt is exposed, your roof will begin to decay faster. This decay may lead to your roof leaking in the future.

Because leaks can go undetected until they cause noticeable damage, it is always best to replace your roof in a timely manner after your claim is made.

(Many insurance companies have a specific time frame that you must report your claim and that you must complete your repairs by. Check your insurance policy to find out what your time frame is.)

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