What Are Noise Reducing Windows?

July 27, 2023
What Are Noise Reducing Windows

Most of the time, when our customers come to us seeking a quote for replacement windows, they are interested in purchasing quality, energy-efficient products that will enhance the beauty of their homes while lowering their energy bills. Once the windows are installed, our customers report an unexpected benefit of replacement window installation. New windows can make your home quieter.

Whether you are interested in purchasing noise-reducing windows to create a more peaceful atmosphere in your home, or you are excited about the additional benefit of the upgrade, let’s discuss how windows can be engineered to make a difference in the noise levels of your home.

If you were paying attention in your high school physics class, you learned that sound waves travel through both air and materials. Those kids who continued their study of physics in college went to work for Pella, the window company that has continuously been a leader in product innovation.

These scientists have studied ways to slow the transfer of sound waves. This can be done by adding additional panes of glass, optimizing the air space between the panes, or altering the thickness of the glass. Noise reduction can also be achieved by using high-end weatherstripping. The right combination of all of these elements has resulted in an energy-efficient window that reduces the amount of outside noises coming into your space.

Besides selecting a perfectly designed window, customers will only achieve a quieter living space if the window is expertly installed. Proper installation ensures airtight seals, which support the reduction of noise.

So, how do you reduce the noise in your Kansas City home? While no window or window installation crew can keep your kids from screaming and your dog from barking, Integrity can help you from hearing your neighbors’ kids screaming and your neighbors’ dogs barking. They can also reduce street noise from waking you up at night.

The staff of Integrity Roofing, Siding, Gutters, and Windows can help you select the right fiberglass, wood, or vinyl windows for your home. If reducing outside noise from coming into your house is a high priority, our staff can discuss the Sound Transmission Class and Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class Rating for each of our products.

We are a certified contractor for Pella, which produces the highest quality product backed by the industry’s best warranty. Besides selling this high-end product, Integrity offers expert, precise window installation. Our installation crews take their job seriously and have decades of experience. In fact, our teams receive wonderful reviews from our satisfied customers. Check them out -– we are proud of them!

Whether you are trying to reduce the amount of highway noise, train whistles, or simply barking dogs, we have a solution for you. We can help you select beautiful, energy-efficient, and noise-reducing windows. Give Integrity Roofing, Siding, Gutters, and Windows a call. We work throughout the Kansas City Metro area and can help you with financing. Call us at 816-353-7663 , 913-671-7663, or our Warrensburg number 660-422-7663.


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