Summer Storms: Replacing Your Roof, Gutters, or Siding

July 27, 2023
Summer Storms - Replacing Your Roof, Gutters, or Siding

It’s been a very rainy spring and summer here in the Midwest. While there are plenty of lush trees, flowers, and grasses around to enjoy, rain can also bring damage to your home. By taking the right precautions, as well as immediate action after a storm, you can save yourself the headache of extensive damage.

Roof Leaks

If your existing roof is in need of repair but you’ve left it too long, there is a greater likelihood that you will have to deal with water coming through. Even worse, the rough thunderstorms might have pulled off loose shingles. Be on the lookout for sags in your ceiling, hail or heavy wind damage, and discoloration on the ceilings of your home.

Roofs should usually be replaced every 15 to 20 years, along with yearly maintenance. If your roof hasn’t been repaired or replaced in over 15 years, consider a new roofing system that will protect against harsh storms.

Drainage Issues

Make sure your gutters are free of clogs and hung correctly. If not, gathering water can cause mold, damage to landscaping, wood rot, and foundation cracks. Gutter guards and downspout extenders can help redirect the flow of water away from your house.

If your gutters are old and have too many cracks and holes to be worth patching, it is worth your money to get new seamless gutters to withstand rushing waters, as well as bear the weight of snow and ice in the winter.

Siding Replacement

Hail damage sustained during winter and spring storms can worsen from the harsh downpour of thunderstorms. Chipping paint and dents, as well as problems like wood rot, are not only ugly but against some city codes. Siding made from fiber-cement or vinyl siding are both durable and chip-resistant choices.

Integrity Roofing, Siding, Gutters, & Windows is dedicated to being the roof, gutter, and siding replacement team that you can trust after a storm. Call today at (816) 353-7663 to learn more.


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