How Does Hail Damage Your Roof?

July 27, 2023
How Does Hail Damage Your Roof

As Midwesterners, we know the effects extreme weather can have on our homes. A study by the Insurance Information Institute said that Missouri and Kansas were on the list of the top ten states with the number of hail loss claims.

The problem is that sometimes Midwesterners become complacent with severe weather. They are used to high-speed winds and think little about an occasional hail storm. Unless the hail storm is powerful enough to break a window or dent a car, homeowners may not even consider what kind of damage may have occurred on their roof. This is a mistake.

Hail as small as ¾ inch can damage your roof, siding, screens, and metal fascia. Hail this small can dislodge granules from your shingles, which leads to accelerated aging. It can also cause pings on your gutters and downspouts.

Since most of this damage can’t be seen from the ground, Midwestern homeowners are quick to go on with their lives and assume that their roof is in good order. A prudent homeowner will look in their gutters and downspouts to see if any shingle granules have come off during a hail storm, but they may or may not call professionals to see if repairs need to be made.

If your area recently suffered a hail storm, consider calling Integrity Roofing, Siding, Gutters, and Windows. Our team will climb up on your roof to inspect the condition. We will look for any warning signs that your roof may need repair, whether caused by the recent storms or regular wear and tear.

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