Get Your New Roof Up Before Winter Comes

July 27, 2023
Get Your New Roof Up Before Winter Comes

Here in the Midwest you never know when winter is going to strike — it could freeze over next week or stay 85 and sunny until January. No matter what the weather, if your roof is past its prime or the heavy summer storms have damaged it is beyond repair, you need a new roofing system.

High-Quality Roofing Systems

Are you ready to lower your utility bills, add beauty to your home’s exterior, and have a long-lasting roof? The performance of any roof depends on how a roofing system works together as the first line of defense against wind, hail, sleet, rain, and even harmful UV rays. Every piece, from the shingles to the underlayment must work together to achieve the best roofing system possible. A new, complete system will help protect your home from the elements.

DECRA Roofing

DECRA creates upscale shingle designs with a classic look for any home or office building. DECRA shingles feature a traditional and distinctive style but are reinforced with the strength and durability of pressure-formed aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel with an acrylic bonded stone chip finish. Because they are coated with stone, they resist fading and UV damage.

Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt roofing is available in many options from Owens Corning and GAF are sure to fit almost every budget. There are plenty of choices like styles made to look like wood shake, impact-resistant shingles for durability, and made of materials that feature granules to reflect sunlight and reduce energy bills. There are also a variety of shapes, from square or curved, to diamond and other unique shapes.

DaVinci Slate

DaVinci offers a high-end line of Bellaforté slate roofing, which come in a stunning variety of authentic colors. The different tones of slate create natural variance in color in your roof, enhancing its appearance and blends perfectly with your home’s natural surroundings. These tiles are also an eco-friendly way to enhance the value of your house or building. Fewer materials are needed with this choice, which in turn reduces the carbon footprint, as well as delivers outstanding value for its cost. Bellaforté Slate roofing tiles are also twice the thickness of most other synthetic slates, so you get a solid, lasting product.

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