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We have been blessed with an amazing team here at Integrity! This page is a great way for you to meet many of our behind the scenes staff, and a great way to get to know your Project Consultant – before they arrive at your home.

David Todd

Owner - David Todd

As one of the owners of Integrity Roofing, Siding & Windows, David felt led to accomplish two major goals. The first goal was to develop a roofing company that would be professional, honest, a company that would take the time to build a relationship with their customers, and never sell a customer service they didn’t need. The second goal was to be able to give back to the community.

And David and Blake have achieved just that – a company that lives up to its name and is continually involved with their community through volunteering, donating needed items, and/or providing financial assistance to local charities and nonprofit organizations.

“At the end of the day – if we are doing everything the right way, our customers are happy, and we are able to give back to the community in a significant way – then that is as successful as I think I’d like to be!” states David.

Blake Clarkson

Owner - Blake Clarkson

As one of the owners of Integrity Roofing, Siding, and Windows, Blake Clarkson’s primary responsibility is the continuing education and development of our staff. This ensures our customers get the best solutions for their home.

“Doing things the right way and for the right reason takes an investment. At the end of the day, my investment of time, training, and educating our employees and customers clearly reflects this principle,” Blake explains.

Blake has over a decade of experience in the roofing industry and the general construction industry – providing him with expertise in all aspects of your home – from top to bottom!


Production Manager – Ross

(We receive so many great reviews from our customers about their window and siding projects. Ross’ attention to detail and 20+ years of expertise has a lot to with that!)

“Everyone in my family is a builder or in construction,” explains Ross. However, in high school he didn’t take shop class, instead, he focused his talents on art classes and pursued his dream of playing professional soccer (he even sold some of his pieces at high school art shows and was recruited by several colleges!)

It wasn’t until after graduation, that he began to learn his family’s trade. His first job was framing houses for a good friend who was a builder. Several years later, Ross moved to Colorado where he began installing siding and windows. “I learned how to do the trade,” Ross explains, “I knew how to build a house so siding was pretty easy!”

After he moved back home to Missouri, he continued installing siding and windows. Eventually, his hard work and knowledge of the industry lead him to become a Production Manager. “When I start a job I see it through to the end,” shares Ross, “I want my customers to have my cellphone number. If they have a question or a concern, I want to address it right away!”


Project Consultant – Zach

“My parents have used Integrity in the past. I have friends who have used Integrity. They all had great experiences. That is why I feel comfortable representing this company.”

Zach’s #1 goal with every customer is, “Don’t sell them something they don’t need. If they do need our services – get them the BEST product possible at the BEST price!”

Recently, Zach had a customer want to buy a roof. “I could have sold him a roof, but I looked at this roof and told him – you don’t need a new roof. I told him what to look for in the future so he will know when it is time to replace his roof.”


Communications – Angela

When I was in my early teens, my dad designed and built our home. My mom, brother and I made up his entire crew. Even though my participation only included tasks such as handing up the shingles, holding up drywall, and never, ever getting to use a nail gun – I still learned a lot!

In college it never occurred to me to pursue anything related to the construction industry, instead, I received my BS in Public Relations. I worked primarily for non-profits after college. It wasn’t until a chance meeting which led to a position in the construction industry, that I finally realized what a natural fit this industry is for me!

What I love about this job:

  • Getting to “meet” our customers – even if it is just speaking with them over the phone.
  • Seeing homes get a complete makeover – it is like watching a remodeling show on TV, only better!
  • Writing articles, especially about our staff here at Integrity. My favorite part is when the article is finished and they read about themselves for the first time!

Project Consultant – Rodney

Rodney comes to us with a construction background. “I worked in residential construction for 3 years and I had my own handyman business. I enjoyed residential construction, being able to help somebody get a quality renovation for a fair price is very satisfying to me.”

Rodney has installed siding and windows and even helped roof several homes. Even though his days of doing the renovation work himself are over, his experience has given him a deeper, hands-on understanding of your home.

“Being a retired police officer, integrity is very important to me. Being a single father on a limited budget – that is why a fair price is also important to me. I fully understand trying to make your dollars stretch,” explains Rodney.


Project Consultant – Khunara

When asked why he wanted to work here, Khunara (who also goes by K for short) explains, “I felt everything the company stood for, what they offer their customers, aligns with what I believe and how I would want to be treated as a customer.”

K has previous experience in the construction industry, remodeling homes, but feels his customer service skills are what really sets him apart. “Customers really appreciate it when you go above and beyond,” shares K.

His favorite part about working at Integrity is, “To be able to come in with a fair price, with the quality that we have in our systems stands out to me.”


Project Consultant – David

“I have worked for two large siding companies in the past, and now working with Integrity, I wouldn’t be afraid to sell to my family! Integrity focuses on the quality of the job rather than the quantity of jobs,” David shares.

David has been working in the home improvement business since 1993. The grandson of a custom cabinet maker, helping homeowners improve their homes comes naturally for David. His top priority is to meet the needs of his customers and to make sure they are completely happy with the finished product. “It’s not about the income. It’s about seeing the look of satisfaction on the customer’s face when they see a job well done,” David says.

David has over 25 years of experience in the siding and window industry and is happy to share his vast wealth of knowledge with his customers. He believes it is important to educate and involve his customers in every step of their home improvement process!

Aside from working hard at Integrity, David is married and loves spending time with his five grandchildren.

Production Assistant – Cody

Cody came to Integrity because he wanted a better opportunity and a more promising future. He loves the spirit of teamwork that is felt at Integrity, and he is proud to work for a company with such high standards on the job site. He feels good representing a company that values the customer’s happiness and satisfaction.

Growing up, Cody’s mother preferred to do household projects herself and Cody began working alongside her at a very early age. He has always been gifted at working with his hands and remembers doing various repairs on the farm, even helping to build a shed.

Cody loves people. “I have no problems talking to anyone. I welcome constructive criticism, and when I make a mistake, I won’t rest until I make it right.”

Cody is a well-rounded family man. He has been wrestling for over 15 years and is currently training to join the UFC.

Project Consultant – Deanna

Growing up, Deanna’s entire family was in construction. As a child she preferred playing with tools over toys, “I was always in the shop helping my dad. I didn’t mind getting dirty.”

This appreciation for the construction world lead her to a career in in the construction industry.

Deanna enjoys helping our customers by, “Solving problems. When a homeowner calls us usually you are there to help solve a problem.”

She firmly believes in, “treating my customers how I would want to be treated,” and prefers to give her clients the time and attention they deserve, “their needs are always so different. I like to take the time to get to know them.”

When she isn’t busy working at Integrity, Deanna enjoys, “spending time with my kids outside, fishing, camping, playing sports. I love anything outdoors!”

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