Why Should a Professional Install Your Home's New Doors and Windows?

July 27, 2023

We love the can-do attitude demonstrated by DIYers. However, while some projects are perfect for those with the right tools and a few hours to spare, we do NOT recommend DIY door and window installation.

Here are some reasons you should hire a professional to install your new windows and doors.

A professional will help you select the right windows for your unique situation.

There's a lot that goes into buying windows. A professional will help you understand the pros and cons of the different window materials. They will also walk you through the available glass options, as choosing the right glass may lower your energy bills and reduce the noise in your home.

Additionally, a professional can answer any questions about changing the type of window you install. For example, you might want to replace your single-hung window with a double-hung window (or a casement window).

A professional contractor is trained by the company that made the products.

Not every window and door is installed the same way. For windows to work correctly, they need to be installed properly. Certified installers are trained on specific brands of windows and doors.

A professional installer is used to working with not-so-perfect situations.

Installing windows or doors in perfect conditions is one thing. But installing windows or doors on an existing house requires great skill. A professional installer will ensure all the new windows are plumb and level to ensure they will open and close easily for years to come.

A professional window installer will make sure your window is sealed and insulated.

Professional installers will seal all the air cavities surrounding the window frame to ensure your window has a proper seal.

Some window companies offer excellent warranties on their products and services.

You'll have more peace of mind knowing the installation job is covered by a warranty.

Your family's safety may be jeopardized if you install your own windows or doors.

Of course, one benefit of a properly functioning lock on a door or window is to keep intruders from entering your home. However, have you considered the danger you are placing your family in if the windows don't open as they should? Your loved ones may need to escape from a fire. Having your windows professionally installed will increase the likelihood that they will open as they should for decades. 

A professional installer will know what to do if problems are discovered when you remove the old windows.

Removing old windows takes great finesse and skill. Additionally, sometimes during the installation process, the installer might discover issues that require additional work before the new window can be installed. Finding professional installation services when you have a gaping hole in your house may be problematic.

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