Why are Gutters Essential to Your Home?

July 27, 2023
Why are Gutters Essential to Your Home

When you think about all the essential features in your home, several features might come to mind, including roofs, windows, and doors. However, what about the gutters? Many homeowners don’t realize how important their guttering systems actually are to the entire structure of the house. Keeping your gutters clean and in good shape will help keep the rest of your home looking good and functioning as it should. Read on to find out why gutters are so essential to any home.

Gutters Redirect Water

The point of a guttering system is to redirect rainwater away from a building. As water collects and runs down the roof, an effective guttering system should catch the water and redirect it away from the house and towards the ground. Gutters help to keep moisture away from a house’s roof, siding, and foundation. However, they only do their job efficiently if they are properly installed and well-kept. One way to help keep your gutters functioning well is install certain gutter protection products, like the gutter guards found on this page.

Gutters Prevent Exterior Damage

Without properly functioning gutters, rainwater and moisture would be able to build up on the exterior of your home and cause damage to several different areas. For example, excess moisture can cause the siding or walls to peel or crack. Additionally, when water is not properly redirected away from the foundation of the home, the foundation is at risk. Excess water that settles along the foundation can cause big problems, like settling, cracked walls, and the growth of mold. High-quality gutters help to prevent this problem.

Gutters Keep Water Outside

Gutters not only protect the exterior of the home from water damage, but also the interior. When water and excess moisture are not properly directed away from the roof, siding, and foundation of a home, that water has the potential to cause a buildup of moisture inside the home. Water can potentially reach the interior walls and basement of the home, causing mold and flooding.

Expert Gutter Installation

The gutter installation experts at Integrity Roofing in the Kansas City area can help you get the high-quality gutter system your home needs. Call today at (816) 554-9999 to learn more.


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