What to Look for When Buying a New Home

July 27, 2023
What to Look for When Buying a New Home

Buying a new home is a stressful process. From dealing with real estate agents to finding an appealing property within your budget, new home buyers have a lot to think about. When you see what appears to be the perfect house–beautiful neighborhood, great backyard, and curb appeal–don’t be blinded by first impressions. Houses, especially older ones, can be hiding many problems underneath floorboards and inside walls. We recommend paying extra attention to several aspects of the home before making a purchase.

Damaged Roofing

Before even setting foot inside a potential new home, be sure to look up. Check out the roof for any obvious signs of damage, such as holes, cracked tiles, and warped or missing shingles. Does the roof appear lopsided or as if it could be caving in? Does the roof look fairly new, or very old? Newer roofs tend to translate to fewer problems, lower insurance, and less stress. Old or damaged roofs, on the other hand, can cause huge problems. If you’ve already bought a new home only to discover that the roof is in disrepair, replacing it with a newer and better constructed roof might be the best option in the long run. Integrity Roofing, LLC will give you a free roof estimate so that you know what to expect and can decide if a new roof is right for your home.

Inefficient windows

Take time to inspect all the windows in the home. You might notice that some windows appear new, while others appear much older. Older windows tend to be single-pane, which are very inefficient. Older, single pane windows often have leaks and let in unwanted cold or hot air from outside. You might also find that the windowsills and frames are rotted or cracked. Historic windows in older homes may be beautiful and authentic, but when the cold winter comes you’ll be wishing you had new, energy-efficient windows to keep the drafts out. At Integrity Roofing, LLC, we install replacement windows with AAMA’s Gold Label Certification. This certification ensures that all new windows we install are energy-efficient, durable, and made to last for many years.

Worn Out Siding

We recommend taking a walk around the outside of the house to examine the siding. If there are signs of damage to the siding, such as cracking and missing or loose pieces, that can be an indication of serious damage. Sometimes it is simply a case of removing and replacing individual pieces. However, often damage to siding is a sign that it was not properly installed in the first place. Unfortunately, many siding companies take shortcuts in the installation process, such as improper flashing, that cause damage to the siding. At Integrity Roofing, LLC, we don’t take any shortcuts. If your new home’s siding is damaged, we can install beautiful and durable new siding that will protect and insulate your home for the years to come.

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