Tips When Buying an Old House

July 27, 2023
Tips When Buying an Old House

Warmer weather is a popular time for people to search for a new home. Going to look at homes when you don’t know what to look for is potentially a huge waste of your money. Keep reading for tips on what to look for as a prospective home buyer.

Watch Out for Older Homes

What’s Underneath the Paint?

Older homes are unique and beautiful pieces of architecture. Many times, people trying to sell old houses will slap a new coat of paint on and replace a few shingles. While your first impression of the house may be breathtaking, there could be hidden problems inside. Make sure you get a full inspection done to find out about termite and water damage, when the roof was replaced, the shape of the plumbing and how stable the foundation is amongst other things.


It’s possible that an old home can have new windows installed but usually if they are then the whole house will be updated. If you are staying within a budget or buying a house you can fix up more on your own (within reason), investing in energy-efficient windows will be well worth it. Original windows will most likely have rotted or cracked frames and sills. Open homes with all wood floors can be very drafty when the windows and doors aren’t sealed correctly.

Worn Siding

It’s great to want to uphold the historic integrity of an old home by keeping the original siding but sometimes it isn’t worth it. These homes are usually built with untreated wood siding. Wood makes the home susceptible to wood rot, insect damage, water damage and chipping. Replacing older, decaying siding with durable, chip-resistant siding is the best option to keep your old house going for decades to come.

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