Tips on Purchasing a Home With an Old Roof

July 27, 2023
Tips on Purchasing a Home With an Old Roof

It’s currently a seller’s market. That means you might feel tempted to put an offer on a house that has some problems. For example, perhaps you found one in your preferred school district with a big backyard and a three-car garage. However, the roof of the house is old.

While you might think that roof repair or replacement isn’t a big deal, serious problems could have resulted from a roof that has long been in a state of disrepair.

We encourage you to hire a professional team to inspect the house thoroughly. Even if the seller wants you to purchase the home “as is,” you need to know what you are getting into before signing the mortgage documents.

Here are some signs you might want to consider walking away from the deal.

Warning Signs that the Old Roof Has Caused Problems

While we certainly encourage you to reach out to professionals to help you make decisions about your real estate purchase, here are some signals that the rotten roof may be causing problems.

The roof is sagging.

If you can visually see that the roof is sagging, this indicates that the roof’s structure has been compromised. Replacing roof beams is possible, but it would undoubtedly be expensive.

You see patches of sunlight coming in through the attic.

Is there an area on the roof where shingles are missing? This, of course, should be cause for concern. Not only does this indicate that there may be water damage on the ceilings and walls, but it also may mean that critters have infiltrated your attic space – wreaking havoc on the electrical wiring and insulation.

There’s a lot of moss and algae growth on the singles.

Shingles covered with moss or algae may give a home a “rustic” feel, but it also may indicate that the house has poor attic ventilation, which needs to be addressed.

There’s excessive water damage inside the home.

Old homes experience leaks. However, if there are signs of excessive leaks that have not been addressed, the home’s ceilings and walls may be damaged and need replacing. There may also be hidden mold or mildew in the walls.

What should you do if you notice one or several of these warning signs? We know you may feel pressured to make an offer and deal with the repairs later. However, we encourage you to take the following steps.

  1. Inspect the roof and attic space yourself.
  2. Ask the homeowner for documentation on when the roof was last replaced or repaired.
  3. Hire a home inspector to investigate the entire structure.
  4. Get a second opinion from a professional roofing company.
  5. Ask for an estimate on how much the repairs or replacement will cost.
  6. Weigh your options.

You may decide that you are willing to purchase the home – even if it does have roof issues – knowing that you will need to begin repairs immediately. Or, you might decide that the damage is too severe and choose to leave the headache to another owner.

If you need to ascertain the roof’s condition, contact Integrity Roofing, Siding, and Windows. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about the home’s roof or exterior or inspect the roof and give you a quote on how much it would be to repair or replace it.

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