Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

July 27, 2023
Can You Beat the Summer Heat

Some people go to bed and immediately fall to sleep. Others, like me, go to bed and immediately remember all the things I was going to do that day.

If you are in the second category of people, this blog is for you. We have created a checklist of summer maintenance tasks that homeowners need to complete in summer 2022.

Clean out your gutters.

If you live in the Midwest, you need to be prepared for the possibility of heavy rain. If you are a homeowner, this means you need to have functioning gutters on your home that are equipped to handle the torrential downpours we sometimes receive.

Clean out your gutters so that they are free of debris. But also, take a moment to make sure all your downspouts are in place and that the water is routed away from your home’s foundation. Finally, see how your gutters handle the deluge the next time it pours.

Are you worried that your gutters aren’t functioning correctly? Have a professional come out and analyze your situation. Don’t ignore your gutters! Functioning gutters are necessary for a healthy foundation.

Have your roof inspected.

Speaking of gutters . . . after the next rainstorm, take a moment to look at the area around your downspout. Do you see a bunch of tiny black granules? They are easy to overlook because they are so small.

Those tiny black spots may indicate that your roof shingles are deteriorating. When was the last time you had your roof inspected?

Speaking of your roof, you may have seen signs of a few leaks throughout the fall and winter that you chose to ignore. Summer is the time to get those fixed.

Clean your windows.

Clean windows make such a tremendous difference in the feel of a room. As you are cleaning your windows, pay attention to the health of your screens. Do any need to be replaced? Ripped screens are an eyesore. Plus – they let in more bugs.

Also, make sure your windows are functioning as they should. Can they open and close? Do they lock? Would you be able to climb out your window if you were trapped in the room because of a fire?

As you are cleaning the outside of your windows, check the trim. Does any of the wood feel spongy? Next, look at the soffit and fascia. Is there any damage in these areas? Finally, look at the health of your siding. Is there any damage that needs repair?

If you have owned your home for a few years and see signs of aging, you might need to spend some time completing home maintenance projects. Of course, no one likes paying for roof repairs or extended gutter downspouts. But you won’t be happy if your foundation cracks or your roof leaks.

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