Preventing Roof Damage From Holiday Lights

July 27, 2023
Preventing Roof Damage From Holiday Lights

Tis’ the season for spreading cheer by hanging Christmas lights on your home. Here are some tips to avoiding roof damage while creating your Clark Griswold light display.

Avoid putting staples, nails, or screws into your shingles.

Making holes in your shingles, even tiny ones that come from a staple gun, is not a good idea. If you must use staples or nails, do so into the eaves (the wood part around your roof.)

Try using Christmas light clips.

There are several types of light clips on the market.

One type of clip hugs the gutters without leaving a mark on them. Some of them are designed to hold each bulb in place while other clips hold the wire. You can even buy roof peak clips but be careful that you don’t have to lift the edge of the shingle to place the clip.

Walk softly.

If you must walk on your roof to hang your holiday lights, tread carefully and softly. Taking heavy, rushed steps may damage the shingles. Of course, avoid walking on your roof if there is snow and ice present.

Remove the lights carefully.

Surprisingly, roof and gutter damage often occurs when the Christmas lights are removed at the end of the season. Avoid yanking down the lights. This could damage your shingles, gutters, and eaves.

Take time to inspect your roof.

While you are on the ladder hanging lights, take a good look at your gutters, siding, and roof. If you find any damage, give Integrity a call . Like most home repairs, it’s better to take care of the little problems, so they don’t turn into big problems.


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