Is Your Roof Ready for Spring? What You Need to Know.

July 27, 2023
Tips on Purchasing a Home With an Old Roof

Now that it’s spring, it’s important to make sure your roof is ready. The Midwest is known for its unpredictable weather including hail and thunderstorms. A damaged roof can mean costly leaks. Will your roof stand up to storm season?

Here’s what to look for to make your roof is ready:

  1. Missing Shingles
  2. Heavy storms can wreck havoc on your home’s roof. You may wake up and find shingles all over the place. You’ll find them in your front yard. You’ll find them in your back yard. You’ll find them in your neighbor’s yard. You’ll find them everywhere except for where they should be: on your roof. Missing shingles are a surefire sign your roof is not ready for spring, and that your roof is in urgent need of repair.

  3. Curling Shingles
  4. High winds blow against your shingles, and they carry sticks and debris with them. All of those things cause shingles to curl or bubble, which makes them more susceptible to flying off. When shingles fly off, your home is prone to leaks, which leads to mildew, mold and worse.

  5. Deteriorating Shingles
  6. Shingles can deteriorate, leaving your roof exposed. Over time, your shingles can chip and break. You may find pieces near your rain gutters’ spouts.

  7. Clogged Rain Gutters
  8. Rain gutters are an integral part of your roof, and essential for proper storm water drainage. If your gutters are clogged, storm water cannot move through them. The gutters will overflow, which can cause leaks to your roof or damage to your foundation. Cleaning your rain gutters out before storm season is a great way to ensure that damage does not happen.With a roof that’s ready for spring, you can avoid costly repair or replacement in the future. If your roof does suffer storm damage, let the experts at Integrity Roofing can help.In the Kansas City area, call (816) 554-9999 in MO, or (913) 671-7663 in KS to schedule a consultation today.


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