How Snow and Ice Affects Your Roof

July 27, 2023
How Snow and Ice Affects Your Roof

Not to be a Debbie-Downer, but that beautiful layer of snow that is blanketing your home may be causing damage to your roof.

The good news is that Integrity can assist you with repairs on your roof, siding, gutters, and windows. Here are some problems that can occur after a particularly snowy and icy Kansas City winter.

Roof Collapse

If you are in charge of cleaning off the sidewalks and driveway at your home, you know how heavy even a small shovel-full of snow can be.

Imagine what the weight of all that snow could do when sitting on your roof for an extended period. In a worst-case scenario, part of your home’s roof could collapse under all that extra weight.

Do you see signs of leaking inside your home? Contact Integrity, and we will determine the cause.

Damage Caused by Thawing and Freezing

You may be relieved to see the snow and ice sitting on your roof melt during the day, but several problems can occur when the temperatures dip to below freezing at night.

The thawing and freezing pattern may cause an ice dam, which could cause severe roof or gutter damage. An ice dam may even tear off the flashing.

Thaw cycles also cause water to seep into the tiny cracks of your roof during warmer moments of the day. This water may turn to ice when the temperature drops, and the gaps will widen.

This damaging cycle can cause not only leaks but it may also cause mold or mildew.

How Integrity Can Help

While Integrity can’t prevent snow and ice from damaging your roof, we can inspect your roof, gutters, and siding after winter to check for damage. Call us today! We would be happy to take a look.


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