Energy Efficient Windows for Winter

July 27, 2023
Energy Efficient Windows for Winter

When looking for a home, buyers usually search for houses with lots of windows. Unfortunately, they can have a very negative impact on your energy bills. For almost any budget, replacing old windows with energy efficient ones will have you seeing savings immediately.

Weatherproof Existing Windows

If you are on a tight budget and cannot quite make the full transition to full energy efficient replacement windows, you should consider weatherproofing your existing windows. Caulking gaps, cracks and joints will reduce heat loss and air leakage. This will not only keep in heat (or AC during summer) but keep cold air out. Weatherstripping is also an easy option to use for moving components, whereas caulk is better for stationary cracks.

Energy Efficient Fiberglass

As you look at the best window replacement options, one of the best out there is Beechworth fiberglass windows. Fiberglass does not warp like wood does, so no gaps will let in or out air. Obviously, an influx of air will raise energy bills. Vinyl windows will show signs of weathering and damage much more quickly than fiberglass. Another component to savings is multiple layers of glazing, the more layers the more savings.

Fiberglass Styles and Tinting

One huge benefit in terms of styles is that Beechworth fiberglass windows have wood-finish casements in a variety of beautiful colors and panes, allowing them to match any home design. For the summer months, tinting windows will repel solar heat and keep your home cooler, especially on days when it is not hot enough to turn the AC on, yet too hot to be comfortable.

If you are a new home owner and are concerned about the homes old wood or vinyl windows, or are tired of throwing your whole paycheck into your home’s energy bills every year, it is time to make the upgrade.

Integrity Roofing, Siding, Gutters, & Windows is dedicated to being the energy efficient window replacement team that you can trust. Call today at (816) 554-9999 to learn more.


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