Easy Weekend Home Improvement Projects

July 27, 2023
Easy Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Makeover Your Home this Summer

Making improvements to your home is expensive, time-consuming, and complicated, right? Well, we don’t think so. Home improvement projects can seem overwhelming to many people, but the truth is, you don’t have to tear down walls to improve your home. All you need is a free summer weekend, a little planning, and some creativity. Here are our top picks for some easy home improvement projects that anyone can do this summer.

Update Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware

This is one of the easiest home improvement projects that can be fit into any weekend. Kitchen and bathroom hardware can be one of the most obvious signs of a dated house, as metals and styles go in and out of fashion. Adding fresh new pulls and knobs around the house will instantly modernize the space and even possibly inspire you to do some more updates. Just be sure to measure the holes ahead of time and buy new hardware that will fit into the old spaces.

Beautify the Front of the House

There are many ways you can update the front of a home and add some curb appeal. Now is the perfect time to freshen up the front landscaping by putting in some new flower pots with beautiful summer blooms. Another simple idea is to repaint your front door. Pick a bright color, like a poppy red, to really add a focal point to the front of the house. Add fresh house numbers, a new doorknob, and an updated mailbox. All of these simple home improvements really have the power to change the front of your house by adding curb appeal and visual interest.

Install New Guttering

Odds are you haven’t thought much about your gutter system. As gutters age, their paint begins to peel and rust accumulates. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, the gutters also won’t be doing their job properly. Gutters are crucial to a home’s durability, so it’s important not to neglect them. Call an expert to help you with your new gutter installation.

The professionals at Integrity Roofing offer a wide variety of choices and colors to find the perfect fit for any building. Working with this team will ensure that you have a long lasting, beautiful, and high-quality guttering system that will improve the overall appearance of the outside of your house. This home improvement project isn’t time-consuming, and the team at Integrity Roofing will have it finished in no time.

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