Cleaning and Maintaining Your Gutters

July 27, 2023
Cleaning and Maintaining Your Gutters

Before the ice and snow come down, it is important to clean out all the autumn leaves that have nested in your gutters over the past few weeks (and maybe even from last year.) You might find a surprising fix to your drainage problems.

Look at Your Downspout

Leaves and debris can get caught and clog your downspout. Mildew and mud will build up and your water won’t drain correctly, this will cause sagging gutters. Make sure all the screws that go through the gutter and fascia board and into the rafter behind it are secure.

Check For Leaks

Look for all sources of leaks like holes and cracked gutter sealant. If there are too many to repair then you need to get new gutters, otherwise remove the old sealant and add a new barrier to close the seam and keep the area dry. Check the rivets on the downspout too, if they are loose you just need to tighten them with a rivet gun.

Cleaning Gutters

The best, and fastest, way to clean out your gutters is to use a pressure washer. As long as you make sure not to hit your shingles, the pressure will blow them off and you’ll have more repairs to deal with, and if the gutters are secured it should be easy enough to do yourself. Learn more about gutter protection.

Other things to look for are chipped paint and trenches in the ground by the downspout. Put down splash guards to prevent further trenching and if you see rusting under chipped paint you have a couple options. You can either replace your old gutters with new aluminum gutters, or you can sand down and repaint your current gutters with rust-resistant paint.

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