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Let us show you why our customers in Kansas City, Overland Park, Olathe and Lee’s Summit choose us as their residential window replacement and installation contractors. We are here to help you find the best windows and window replacements to fit your needs! Let us provide you with an in-home consultation, detailed estimate and all the necessary information you need when choosing residential window replacement options.

Fiberglass Windows

These premium fiberglass windows are strong, energy efficient, and durable, giving you peace of mind and requiring less upkeep. Combining form (real wood interiors, durable peel-resistant coatings, and increased visibility screens) and function (ENERGYSTAR® rated glass and durable fiberglass composition), consider Beechworth windows when a full residential window replacement is on your to-do list.

Vinyl Windows

With so many vinyl windows to choose from – where do you start? Though we can install virtually any vinyl window for you, we do share our knowledge of what we believe to be the best windows based on quality, energy efficiency, and price.

It is also important to us to offer our customers a wider range of affordable options to meet their specific needs for full window replacement. Call today to inquire about our full line of vinyl window options.

Here are some important elements to consider when choosing replacement windows and replacement window contractors:

#1 Installation Matters

Given how important replacement windows are to your home’s durability and efficiency – we only install quality windows using the best window crews. This ensures a quality installation for every window, every time!

Training is important for any job, especially one that protects your home. As a result of successfully passing the Simonton Window’s program, Integrity Roofing, Siding & Windows is now recognized with the Simonton Preferred Installer designation. (If your preference is fiberglass windows – we have the perfect options for you as well! We are experts in all kinds of full windows replacement).

#2 Quality Matters

We cannot stress this enough. Even the best installation by a highly trained technician will not matter if the window is poor quality. Look for AAMA’s Gold Label Certification on any window or door you are considering. AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) is an independent organization that conducts performance tests on windows and doors. These standardized tests are performed using calibrated equipment by trained professionals – ensuring every item is tested exactly the same each time. The results of the AAMA testing quickly informs consumers of the quality and durability of a door or window. A product that has not been tested could be an indication that it does not even meet the minimum standards set by the AAMA.

AAMA’s Gold Label Certification indicates that the window or door meet these criteria:

  • Prescribed maximum level of air leakage through the assembled unit
  • No water penetration through the unit at a specified simulated wind speed
  • Prescribed levels of structural resistant to wind and other dynamic pressures
  • Life cycle durability requirements as applicable based on the performance class designation of the product
  • Component performance verification to AAMA specifications

Most replacement window companies only have a few windows that meet the requirements for the Gold Label, and typically those windows are generally their “top tier” or most expensive line. We install Simonton vinyl windows because ALL of their windows are Gold Label, and we can offer our customers a wider range of affordable options to meet their specific needs for full residential window replacement in Kansas City and surrounding areas.

#3 Energy Efficiency Matters

Energy efficient replacement windows can help lower your cooling and heating bills, reduce noise, make your home feel more comfortable and prevent UV radiation that can fade your furniture! The AAMA Gold Label signifies energy efficiency, durability, and quality at the highest level. Energy efficient windows will feel cool to the touch (the interior side) during the summer because it reduces UV rays and it will actually feel warmer during the winter because it is insulated. Frost and condensation will also be reduced.

#4 Warranties Matter

Most replacement windows are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and many installation companies provide additional workmanship warranties. As with any warranty, it is important to read the fine print and to truly understand the terminology. Our Project Consultants can explain what different warranties actually cover and help you determine the warranty that will best fit your needs.

#5 Transparency Matters

Watch out for special offers, promotions or hidden fees when looking for great deals on replacement windows and window installation! Shop around and compare. That great price may actually have lots of hidden fees that the company does not tell you about. Those special offers or promotions are really just to get you in front of a high-pressure salesman who will convince you it is a great deal when, in reality, you could get the windows you really want from us, for less!

Contact us for a FREE, NO Obligation window estimate for your home! Our team of contractors are experienced, professional, and always honest.

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