Summit Christian Academy 

Each student applies for the scholarship by writing an essay explaining what integrity means to them and describing how they have demonstrated integrity. Here are excerpts from previous years winning essays:

In 2017, our scholarship was awarded to Lindsey Berry and Abram Bagunu.

Berry wrote, “Integrity is being brave enough to stand up for those around you who are hurting. It is caring more about doing the right thing rather than caring about what others think of you.”

Bagunu explained, “To do what is right just because it is required is not true love, and for a Christian to truly embrace and walk in integrity I believe it must come from a sincere and passionate heart – a heart as Christ has.”

Pictured left to right – David Todd (owner of Integrity), Lindsey Berry (winner of $1,000 scholarship), Abram Bagunu (winner of $1,000 scholarship), and Taylor Shippy (Integrity employee and SCA alumni).

In 2016, our scholarship was awarded to Hannah Glidewell and Payton Shippy.  2016-11-01_13-33-26

Typically, one graduating male and female are selected, but this year Integrity felt lead to award a third student, Zoe Oppreicht, a $500 Honorable Mention scholarship for her essay.

Pictured left to right – Autumn Woods (employee of Integrity), Zoe Oppreicht (awarded $500 scholarship), Hannah Glidewell (awarded $1,000 scholarship), Payton Shippy (awarded $1,000 scholarship) and Blake Clarkson (owner of Integrity).

Glidewell wrote, “Integrity is the foundation of a person’s moral beliefs, and it is necessary to live a successful life that is true to yourself.” She shared how difficult it can be to stand up to peer pressure, It was hard for me to be honest when I could lie in order to fit in and say I had done those things. I was embarrassed at first from their wide eyes and awe, but I soon realized it was a new kind of respect they gave me.”

Shippy explained, … if we want to be able to stand up for what is right when it is hard, when no one supports us, or even when we feel like it is impossible, we must practice showing integrity starting today. If we want to do the right thing when it is hard, we have to start by doing the right thing when it is easy.

Oppreicht demonstrated integrity when she accidentally saw the answers to a test, … even though I had not been caught, I knew I needed to tell my teacher…I knew that I had to do it because I had to hold myself accountable to my personal standards of excellence.”

In 2015, our scholarship was awarded to Alana Cieszykowski and Andrew DeShon. 

2016-11-01_13-42-53Cieszykowski explained how doing the right thing came at a cost, “I learned that even though doing the right thing may cause the loss of friendships, you should always stand your ground...”

DeShon wrote, “…when one exhibits the same traits in private that he does in public, he exhibits integrity.” He shared that even though he depends on scholarships to attend college; he never faltered in his integrity when it came to achieving good grades.

Pictured left to right – Andrew DeShon (winner of $1,000 scholarship), Taylor Shippy (Integrity employee and SCA alumni), David Todd (owner of Integrity), and Alana Cieszykowski (winner of $1,000 scholarship).

This year was especially meaningful, as one of Integrity’s own employees, Taylor Shippy, an SCA alum, was able to help present the scholarships this year. Shippy shares, “To return to my high school and bless the future college careers of fellow peers was an inspiration. I hope that in my future vocation I can do the same.”

See the Lee's Summit Journal article on it here.

2016-11-01_14-03-54In 2013, our scholarship was awarded to Sarah Lambert and Easton Parks.

Lambert described her struggle with autoimmune disease, "Often times when your expectations of life are shattered, it's easy to become bitter and angry. One who has integrity will not be corrupted by circumstances that seem to be unfair or difficult."

Parks wrote, "A man of integrity keeps his word and stands up for his beliefs in the face of hardship and ridicule." He continued by explaining how he demonstrates integrity at his workplace, "I strongly believe that consistently working hard even when no one is around to supervise shows integrity."

In 2012, Lucy Blecher and Patrick Love were each awarded scholarships for their essays.

Blecher wrote, “Integrity does not come without its costs” and explained how doing what is right may cost you in the moment, but is ultimately worth it.

2016-11-01_14-27-22Love explained, “Integrity is simply doing what is right, even if no one is watching…if you are serving the Lord, you know that there are no exceptions!”

“We want to do what we can to support the next generation,” said David, “I fully believe that the future of this great nation may very well depend on our ability as a community to inspire students to achieve their God-given potential through excellence in academics and a Christian worldview. Support of Summit Christian Academy is one way we are able to do that.”

Summit Christian Academy is one of Kansas City’s top Christian Schools - with over 730 preschool through 12th-grade students attending. Their students continually place 30% higher than the national average (on the Stanford Achievement Tests).  Last year, the class of 2014 averaged an ACT score of 24 (4 points higher than the national average)!  Offering programs such as college preparatory curriculum, music lessons, and an International Program with 21 students from 7 different countries currently attending – students receive a diverse and enriching education in this environment. This school also cultivates a heart to serve and help others by taking Jesus’ command to “go into all of the world” literally. Each year, every student, from preschoolers to the senior class participates in service projects to benefit this community.

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