Building Trust – Changing Lives

Each year, Integrity Roofing gives back to our community through volunteering, donating needed items and/or providing financial assistance to local charities and nonprofit organizations. Here are some of our favorite charities and their stories:

Hope Network

Providing Hope & Help

Beth is a single mom with two kids, who isn’t just struggling to put food on her children’s plates – she is struggling to survive. Diagnosed with cancer, chemotherapy and radiation treatments fill her days making her too busy, and too sick to work. Through the Hope Network’s Angel Tree, Beth was matched to us. Providing her and her children with a Christmas was something owners, David Todd and Blake Clarkson were glad to do, but it was also a moment that stuck with them forever.

Blake recalls, “Sitting there with Beth and listening to her story, we realized this is something we have to do – we have to continue being a part of.”

ProDeo Youth Center

This local organization is just down the street from our Lee’s Summit office. We couldn’t help but get involved when we heard their story!

Pro Deo Youth Center started organically, when Andy and Kylie Ewing discovered there was a need for a safe place teenagers could go after school.

As a local police officer, Andy frequently received calls about loitering teens at parks. After learning that these teens had nowhere safe to go, he and his wife began providing a hot dog dinner in the park once a week. Soon they opened up their home providing more meals and help for these teens. Today, Pro Deo has a much larger space near Chipman Rd. and Douglas. Their services have expanded as well and now they provide everything from food, tutoring, life skills classes and so much more.

Be sure to check them out at to find out more about this amazing organization and the difference they are making in the lives of teens.

Summit Christian Academy

Each year, Integrity Roofing has provided Summit Christian Academy graduating students with the opportunity to qualify for a $1,000 scholarship to the college of their choice. The scholarship was the idea of owners, Blake Clarkson and David Todd.

They came up with the scholarship as a new way to partner with this school. “We hope to establish a scholarship program that other business partners of SCA can participate in. Our hope is it will continue to grow, year after year, providing more graduates with the opportunity to receive a scholarship. Ultimately our goal is to start it, help establish it, and watch God grow it!” explains Blake.

The graduating students apply for the scholarship by writing essays on what integrity means to them and explaining how they have demonstrated integrity in their lives.

Community Involvement Award

Because of our support of the Hope Network, we received honorable mention during the NRCA’s 126th Annual Convention in San Antonio, TX on February 6, 2013. We were presented with an award, a $1,000 check, to benefit our charity (the Hope Network).

Integrity Roofing surprised Janet Lowe, the then Executive Director of Hope Network, with the $1,000 check. “Thank you for believing in us and partnering with us!” Janet stated upon receiving the check, “We can turn this $1,000 into $10,000 with all the work we do here.”

“The need is great,” Janet explains, “This community needs people that advocate by telling people about Hope Network. Even if we don’t have money, we have voices.”

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