Home Makeover

Vinyl Siding Transformation in Autumn Red 

Homeowners Jon & Anne describe what it was like getting new siding, windows and gutters - just in time for baby #2's arrival! 

Choosing a Contractor

"We had a number of different estimatesBefore homeowner's makeover already when Eric came out," Anne explains, "My husband had said he didn't want to wheel and deal. Eric was open and honest and told us, 'I'm going to give you the best price I can'. The price was actually the best price we had gotten!"

However, the price wasn't what made them decide to choose Integrity. Jon shares, "Eric was a really large part of why we chose to use Integrity.  We felt he exuded exactly what the name of his company is."

Choosing their Color Scheme 

"We knew we wanted red or blue," explains Anne,makeover in autumn red "We wanted something different. We had been discouraged from doing red by other salesman, but Eric embraced it. It is because of his support that we ended up being brave enough to go with Autumn Red!"

Anne continues, "We looked at hundreds of houses to come up with what we really wanted that meshed both of our styles. Now I feel like our house matches our design style as a couple."



What the Process was Like

"There was lots of communication. I was really pleased with the crew. They were always on time and worked until it was dark, and I appreciated that they cleaned up each day," says Anne.

Getting your home remodeled can be a stressful experience for anyone, but this was especially true in Jon and Anne's case. With their second baby's due date approaching, it was imperative that this project was completed BEFORE the baby arrived!

Looking back at this experience, Anne stresses, "It is important to really trust the company you are working with. We knew you guys were doing everything you could to get our home done before the baby came!"

2017-01-11_9-28-56New Windows 

New Windows just in time for Winter
"We almost didn't get the new windows but we are really glad we did. I can absolutely tell a difference from last winter. They are fantastic! We used to keep our curtains closed because our old windows were so old and dingy, but now I look forward to opening the curtains each day," shares Anne.

New FixturesCertainTeed Vinyl Autumn Red

(When choosing new siding for your home you may want to consider updating your old light fixtures, house numbers and even your doorbell.) 

Anne and Jon chose beautiful new light fixtures and a new doorbell for their home.  

Why Choose Integrity?

What stood out to Anne during her renovation experience was,  "Everyone took ownership of the project. Everyone, from Eric, to the crews - treated our home like it was their own home. I feel like that is why you should choose Integrity!"