Quality Seamless Gutters Installed to

  Withstand the Heaviest Storms!

If you’re looking for a reliable, local home gutters company to install, repair, or replace residential gutters in the Olathe, Overland Park, or Kansas City areas, you can trust Integrity Roofing of Warrensburg, MO!



Durable Seamless Gutters

Available in 5″ & 6″ 

Your gutters must hold a tremendous amount of water during a Kansas City downpour, bare the weight of snow and ice during winter months, and stay fastened during strong winds. 


All of our gutters are installed using what we believe to be the strongest brackets available. These brackets are placed every few feet to ensure your gutters are strong and stable. 

The gutters are then screwed directly to the fascia board or rafters.  (We use heavy duty screws – never spikes. Spikes will eventually pull away from your home). This ensures the gutter remains secured even during heavy storms. Choices include 5 or 6 inch seamless gutter systems that come in a wide variety of colors. Integrity provides sturdy roof gutter repair services to homes and businesses all throughout Missouri.


Best Crews


When the picture (to the right) was posted on Facebook it received comments such as:

“Looks like someone aced their Trig class!”

“Gonna make the cover of gutter digest magazine! lol”

We regularly receive compliments on not only our gutter crews work, but also on how great they are to work with! 

All of our gutters come with our commitment to provide you with the quality services and products you deserve, all at a fair price.


Seamless Guttering

Our gutters are custom made at your home, just before we install them. They are extruded (this is the process that forms rolled aluminum coil into a gutter) to the exact length needed for your home. This creates one continuous aluminum gutter that runs the full length of your roof.

seamless-gutterWe install durable, seamless aluminum guttering for several reasons. Aluminum resists rusting and rot. It has one of the longest life spans when compared to other cost effective guttering materials. Our aluminum gutters are strong – which is necessary given the amount of snow and ice that occurs in Missouri and Kansas. 

Our gutters are factory painted with a baked on, high performance paint system that is specifically formulated for residential guttering. They come in a wide selection of colors. 


Gutter Protection Productsgutter-guard

To protect your investment and prevent the hassle of yearly cleaning, consider including a gutter protection product. Your project manager can evaluate your gutters and recommend a gutter guard to fit your exact needs.

These products save you time and money and are installed the same day as your gutters.  Keep your new gutters clean from day one! To see our gutter protection systems click here.




Your Home’s Accessorygutter-sample-colors

Our gutters come in a wide variety of finishes and colors to compliment your home. Whether you prefer your gutters to stand out and make a statement or to blend in and virtually disappear – our wide selection includes over 25 colors to choose from. 

Our gutters come with our commitment to provide you with the quality services and products you deserve, all at a fair price.

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