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Keep Your Gutters Clean

To protect your investment and prevent the hassle of yearly cleaning, consider including a gutter protection product to your new or existing gutters.

Clogged Gutters

Depending on the type and number of trees surrounding your home, you may have to clean your gutters several times a year. Clogged gutters can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and can cause damage to your siding and foundation.

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E-Z-Smooth Flow

E-Z-Smooth Flow is one of our favorite gutter protection products because of its low cost and great performance. It is not visible from the ground – giving it great curb appeal too!

This gutter guard recesses into the gutter and is secured to the gutter (not your roof!) with stainless steel attachments to prevent corrosion. Your roof is left unharmed and untouched!

The rainwater easily passes through the canals, making it E–Z for air flow to dry the debris and blow it away. Available in white, mill finish, and black (which allows ice to melt quicker).

  • Maximum Debris Load
  • Heaviest Water Load
  • Solid Perforated .019 Aluminum
  • Does Not Disturb Shingles

Leaf Sentry

This high-quality gutter protection system was specially engineered to fit securely onto your gutters. It is attached directly to your gutters (not your roof) with stainless steel attachments (eliminating the chance for corrosion).

Innovative nose-forward design causes debris to fall to the ground.

Handles 12″ of rain per hour!

Even during the heaviest rainstorms, the water flows around the nose, into the gutter, and out the downspout.

  • Made from 98% recycled aluminum.
  • Backed by Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Heavy duty aluminum (.024 inch) will hold up to the heaviest snow loads.
  • Available in 15 colors.

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