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Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are known for their strength, durability and increased return on investment, but which fiberglass window is right for you? Let us show you why our customers choose us as their Missouri window contractors. Our professional, honest window consults can help you select the right fiberglass windows for your home.

Beechworth Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass where you need it, wood where you want it!

Integrity Roofing is proud to work with high-performance, high-quality Beechworth Windows. The Beechworth brand is known for its commitment to exceeding industry standards and its association with some of the most credible organizations in the industry, including an ENERGYSTAR® partner rating.

Finally, an ultra-premium fiberglass window at an affordable price!

Up until now it used to be that a top tier, fiberglass/wood window was not attainable for most homeowners. Beechworth windows is the solution to this problem. This top tier window combines form, function, and efficiency at a fair price. Enjoy the warmth of a beautiful, solid wood interior window with the strength of the fiberglass exterior – all at an installed price that is achievable.

Built to Last

Beechworth Windows are made of a premium fiberglass material that combines strength, energy efficiency, and durability. With Beechworth fiberglass windows, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Beechworth Windows are built to last and require little upkeep. These windows are perfect for the Kansas City area because they can handle a variety of temperatures, from our hot summers to our freezing winters. Beechworth Windows come in a variety of wood finishes and each of these fiberglass windows is made custom to fit your home.

Energy Efficient

  • Energy Star Partner
  • Tested to exceed industry standards


  • Superior in strength to vinyl and aluminum
  • High strength prevents sagging and windows from sticking
  • Much greater dimensional stability than wood


  • Extreme resistance to sagging and sticking
  • Highest resistance to warping, rotting, cracking and mold


  • No plastic sheen, truer wood look
  • Resists peeling, cracking and fading
  • A paintable surface, should you decide to change colors


  • Wood interiors are crafted from solid wood
  • Comes in 3 finishes

Your Beechworth Windows

Call Integrity Roofing today to learn more about our Beechworth fiberglass replacement windows. Contact us for a FREE, NO Obligation fiberglass window estimate for your home!

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