Do I have Hail Damage?

Do I have Hail Damage?

A composition roof can typically withstand pebble and marble sized hail.

Hail that is half dollar size or larger can damage cars, roofing, gutters - even siding and windows.

If your area was hit with hail that was half-dollar size or larger, you will need a qualified roofer to inspect your home's exterior to determine the extent of the damage.  

Signs of Hail Damage

You may notice dark spots on your roof where the hail has not only dented your shingles but removed the rock granules too. Another sign that your roof has been damaged is finding large amounts of granules in your gutter's drain basin. If your roof has been bruised by the hail, this damage is less noticeable. The shingles visually appear to be unharmed because the granules are still somewhat attached, but when gently touched, granules fall off easily.

Even with half-dollar sized hail, storms can be incredibly unpredictable. Depending on the wind, the pitch of your roof, and the angle in which the hail hit your home - it can damage your entire roof, or it may only damage one side of your home. We have encountered homes that only sustained damage on one side of their roof, and homes that were unharmed even though their neighbor's homes were damaged.



Will my Roof Leak?

Occasionally, hail damage can cause a roof to leak immediately. When this happens a tarp is used to cover the damage until the roof can be replaced.

However, even if the hail damage doesn't cause immediate leaks, it can lead to leaks in the future. After a hail storm, you may notice your roof appears to have dark spots on it. The dark spots are caused when the hail hits your roof hard enough to remove the granules that protected your asphalt shingles. Once the asphalt is exposed, your roof will begin to decay faster. This decay may lead to your roof leaking in the future. 

Because leaks can go undetected until they cause noticeable damage, it is always best to replace your roof in a timely manner after your claim is made.

(Many insurance companies have a specific time frame that you must report your claim and that you must complete your repairs by. Check with your insurance to find out what your time frame is.)